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Seasons Greetings friends!

Wahey mates!

Long time no speak….. I wanted to post a message from the Metropolis guys re the DVD we shot last December, the release date has been posted as April 2013, this is via John Pearson, and originating from Demon/BBC video. Cool!

Also, we are just going into the studio to record and film the ‘Running In The Family 25th ¬†Anniversary Tour’ in it’s entirety!!! So you can all enjoy the experience once again, Ha! It was a good one though wasn’t it?

Have a fantastic Christmas dudes, and here’s to a brill 2013.

Love to all,

Santa Mark x

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Photographs of level 42 recording the album Guaranteed

In 1990 Mark King asked me to come up to his Summerhouse Recording Studio in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight in England, to take photographs of Level 42 recording their “Guaranteed” Album. A great experience and I had the pleasure of watching guitarist Alan Holdsworth in action. Time to put the cameras down and watch a master.

Patrick Eden

More photos at patrickeden.co.uk

MK Ode to Justin Bieber

An affectionate homage to the dude. It’s actually a song called Fashion Fever, but my kid asked “Why are you singing Justin Bieber…?” The original will be on the Running In The Family @ 25, Acoustic re-interpretations…. catchy title eh?, all coming soon from Universal Music.