Mike Lindup – Level 42 And Beyond

00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – What were your influences?
04:21 – Stevie Wonder
06:14 – The move from classical to pop
08:32 – Robin Scott’s influence
11:51 – The transition to music tech and operating it live
16:35 – When things go wrong!
18:20 – The current rig
20:24 – The home studio
22:35 – Wally Badarou and sampling
26:22 – Changes 2
29:27 – Reissuing Changes and a solo tour
35:26 – Level 42 into 23
40:45 – Quick fire questions: favourite synth, live track, what’s on your iPod?

The Hustle – Deep Dive – Mike Lindup on Level 42 (1981)

Our most popular guest ever, Level 42’s Mike Lindup, returns to Deep Dive the band’s debut self-titled album from 1981. We discuss the formation of the band, how the songs and performances came together including classics like “Love Games” and “Starchild,” and how they found their signature sound. Level 42 went on to release several classic albums, but it all started here and remains close to Mike’s heart, as well as the fan’s.

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“Experiment, have fun, and stay at home!” —Mark King—

The Hustle – Episode 148 – Mike Lindup of Level 42

In the states, Level 42 may only be seen as two-hit-wonders thanks to the massive success of “Something About You’ and “Lessons in Love” in the mid-80s. But around the rest of the world, Level 42 were viewed as a seriously complex group merging funk, r&b, jazz and rock in ways few others have ever done. Founding members bassist Mark King and keyboardist Mike Lindup finally closed up shop in the mid-90s, but reunited in 2006 and have steadily toured the world ever since. In this deep chat, Mike and I go over the band’s history, the stories behind some of their songs, his excellent, but under-heard solo album, and what he’s up to now. There’s also a hilarious Bill Murray story at the end. On a personal note, this is a big one for me as Mike owns my all-time favorite singing voice.