Mike Lindup – Level 42 And Beyond

00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – What were your influences?
04:21 – Stevie Wonder
06:14 – The move from classical to pop
08:32 – Robin Scott’s influence
11:51 – The transition to music tech and operating it live
16:35 – When things go wrong!
18:20 – The current rig
20:24 – The home studio
22:35 – Wally Badarou and sampling
26:22 – Changes 2
29:27 – Reissuing Changes and a solo tour
35:26 – Level 42 into 23
40:45 – Quick fire questions: favourite synth, live track, what’s on your iPod?

SOUNDING OUT with Mark King | Rotosound

Rotosound talks to Level 42 frontman, Mark King, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his life, why he first picked up the bass, and why he has used Rotosound strings throughout his career. Mark takes questions from fans including how often he changes his strings (it’s a lot!), if he plays double bass, and whether he has any dreams yet to be fulfilled.

Filmed as part of NAMM’s Believe In Music Week 2021.