MARK KING | FREE Backing Track

Here a very nice piece for bass players to play along to, the FREE backing track of ‘A Waltz for Dawn’ solo arrangement from Markbass top-artist MARK KING!

“Experiment, have fun, and stay at home!” —Mark King—

Greatest Music of All Time – Mark King of Level 42 Interview 2020

Tom Cridland visited Mark King, Level 42’s lead singer and bassist at his home where they discussed his father’s elusive drum talents, which band member always wins at go-karting, why his neighbours dreaded Thursday afternoons when he was a kid, and his bandmates selling his drum kit and vinyl collection in Austria.

Greatest Music of All Time is a podcast and video interview series celebrating the best music in the world across all genres. It comprises exclusive, candid conversations with artists who have written, recorded and performed music that has made a significant and lasting cultural impact.

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