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…….and rest!

Thanks to the good people of Schweinfurt, or ‘furts, for coming to our final show of the tour. It felt very strange thinking ‘..this is the last time we’ll play this set’ at the end of the songs….sniff!

Our crew have been amazing all year, so huge thanks to Super Kev, Clemo, Jowie, Fester, Sweags, Yens-the-lens, Pritch, Toby(withuagain), Brian, Brian(the band with 2 brains?)DaveDay, Derek, Bernie, Han, Dan-the-man, Dan-the-chili, Royston, Trigger, Lisa, Jayne, Finchy, Dave&Leila, Neil, Sam, Sapna, Kim, Mike@DMC……. I can’t see the keyboard for the tears! Most of all though, big love to Mike, Nath, Sean, and Pete – beautiful dudes to hang with, and an honour to play with.

...And relax!..........Cheers Marc G …And relax!……….Cheers Marc G

...it explains a lot! …it explains a lot!


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