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Level 42 about the story of their three biggest hits – Ekdom in de Morgen

Mark King and Mike Lindup of Level 42 were guests of Gerard Ekdom to talk about their three biggest hits, past, present and future.


  1. Graham Hill - 19th January 2019 3:49 pm

    Great interview Mark and Mike! Love your warped sense of humour evidenced in your Hot Water origin story. I had the pleasure of seeing you from the front row in Los Angeles on the 30 Year Anniversary Tour – truly an amazing show – the audience were on their feet from start to finish! The idea of a show filled with your lesser-known tunes would be like paradise to me (and Paradise Is Free!) – there are so many hidden gems on your albums, Like you said in your interview, it is hit records that bring in the listener initially, but it is the strength of the other songs that have made me a life-long fan. Add Kouyate to a setlist of mostly lesser-known gems and I will have to hop across the pond to see that tour!

  2. Scoggers - 5th March 2019 7:10 pm

    Good work boys! Good Man in a Storm and its not the same for us a both classics I would love to hear live.. love the stories.


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