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MK Ode to Justin Bieber

An affectionate homage to the dude. It’s actually a song called Fashion Fever, but my kid asked “Why are you singing Justin Bieber…?” The original will be on the Running In The Family @ 25, Acoustic re-interpretations…. catchy title eh?, all coming soon from Universal Music.


  1. Well then. There’s a thing.

    Fashion Fever was conceived 7 years before Master B was … he fits as snuggly into those lyrics as …


    Run out of possible (and printable) analogies.

    Don’t worry BeeRich, we feel your pain. Time for a team hug.

  2. Just brilliant. In my humble opinion, Mr Bieber has finally made it 🙂
    Love it.
    Bristol, UK

  3. Is this all Mark’s voice overlaid? Superb,and the fact that there is an acoustic Running in the Family 25 album on the horizon. Am I right in guessing that the acoustic versions that were included in the Living it Up box set may be on that album too?
    Also guessing that the release date will coincide with the boys tour in the autumn so a brilliant end to the summer and looking forward to seeing you all at Bristol.

  4. What a great ode to Justin Beiber,
    it’s fantastic, funky and fun.
    It’s great to hear your voice Mark and always love your sense of humour.
    I wonder what JB thinks of it?
    What is this obsession with Justin Beiber?

    Answers on a postcard!!

  5. Top job Mark, great vocal skills, funniest thing I’ve heard in ages but you really should get out more. See you guys on the tour. Rik

  6. That’s actually really funny. I remember having moments like that way too often when I was a kid. I remember hearing an Elton John song and thinking the lyrics were “hold me closer Tony Danza”. I also thought on a Bryan Adams track the lyrics said “You can’t tell me it’s not worth dying frogs” haha.

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