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Wahey Mates!!! Larry Graham at Jazz Cafe….

Dudes, I shall be getting up and jamming with the great Larry Graham next Sunday 10th March at The Jazz Cafe in Camden, London. I can’t wait! Love to all, Mx



  1. Oh Maaaaannn!!!
    This is fantastic!!!
    Do it again and again and again!!!
    Hope one day to see one of this show!
    We love your music and voice!

  2. Can you play Tuesday 12th as well?
    That’s when I’ve got my tickets


  3. That’s gonna be too much FUNK for one club to hold!!! Bring some of dat to the States why dont ya!!

  4. What’s “awaiting moderation”? This is a forum not a GCSE English folder!

    I only wanted to express my disappointment that I was missing Mark King by two days having got tickets for Larry Graham on Tuesday.


  5. This is legendary. And like a lot of fans in the states, I wish I could be there. Can you imagine THE JAM with Larry and Mark? WOW! And might I add, not only are we talking about two funk masters, but also two cool and friendly guys. Love it when stuff like this happens.

    Enjoy the show, folks!

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