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Sirens Tour Live DVD

We are pleased to announce the release of Level 42 The Sirens Tour Live DVD.

The DVD and 2 cd set were filmed and recorded at The Indigo O2 Arena in September 2015.

The DVD is PAL format and Region free.

Available from the store right now for £12.99 plus £3.99 shipping.

Sirens Tour Live front

Sirens Tour Live back

Sirens Tour Live inner fold1


  1. Hi guys. Thank you for the release of this wonderful dvd/CDs package, it was such an honour to be part of such an amazing show, (in fact I was there both nights & Thank you to Mike for chatting to me & my mum, on the Friday night when we stopped him for a few moments).

  2. Just received DVD & giving it some in the player right now. Was on the balcony with the wife that night & must say very nice indeed & watching it now having some great mems. Nailed it would be a slight understatement chaps!!!! Roll on October. Happy new year 42, keep it coming………

    • Must also say thanks Mark for signing my shirt at the Reload bit of a do the week after indigo.Woman is nicely framed now….. Ps That bloody biro hurt but was well worth it, Cheers & also a happy new year too you Morgan.

  3. Ciao sono un bassista cantante (Italy) già vi conoscevo, ma ultimamente vi sto ascoltando tantissimo su YouTube.
    Grazie di tutto vernante unici mi piacciono i vostri arrangiamenti e i cori ben settati .

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