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Level 42 – The Worldwide Visual Discography (Softcover Edition)

We are pleased to announce a softcover edition of ‘Level 42 – The Worldwide Visual Discography’, the unique new book from Level 42 collector, Paul Waller, officially authorised by Mark King. Hardcover copies sold out in just 3 days so we have decided to do a softcover run for fans who missed out.

The book covers the worldwide discography from 1980-2017 in incredible detail and features never seen before photographs. Presented in gloss-laminated 300gsm softcover, with 150gsm silk inset. Its 272 pages feature over 1,200 photographs and detailed release notes. Fans are describing it as a thing of beauty!

Priced at £25+P&P and released on 17th November 2017, it can be pre-ordered now at


  1. As a big ‘Level 42’ fan for many years, I was bitterly disappointed to have missed out on buying a copy of Paul Waller’s excellently researched and very detailed book ‘Level 42: A Worldwide Visual Discography’ in either hardback or softback editions! Although, Paul Waller very kindly recently allowed fans such as myself to download the book completely free of charge, I would still really like to buy a physical copy of it if I still can! Therefore, I’m wondering if Paul, the publishing company and the band themselves could possibly authorise another print run of either (or both) the softback and hardback editions of this great book for those of us who missed out on it the first time around? I would be most grateful for this! Thanks!

    • Hi Stephen,

      I’m thinking about out putting my original hardback 450/500 onto eBay over the next few days. I bought it from Paul as he is a friend. It’s about time it went to a proper Level 42 fan.


  2. Hi there, I was just wondering whether there are any plans to reprint this book. I. like many other fans were disappointed not to get a copy as both print runs ran out so quickly. I realise it’s a case of demand and supply, but perhaps if there are enough of us will you consider it?

    Paul – if you are reading this I am able to attain a download please or can someone assist?


    • Hi Ant…

      I managed to get my free download copy of Paul’s great book through Dropbox.

      Alternatively, if you are on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can look me up and I can then send one to you.


      Stephen Moore

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