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Level 42 Eternity Tour DVD

The DVD was filmed on the UK leg of the Eternity Tour 2018 at Brighton Dome on October 24th. and is the full set:
Running In The Family
The Sun Goes Down
The Machine Stops
Good Man In A Storm
A Floating Life
Leaving Me Now
The Chinese Way
The Chant Has Begun
Something About You
Heaven In My Hands
Lessons In Love
Hot Water

The DVD is region free (0) and in PAL format.

The price is £10.00 plus £3.00 shipping.

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  1. Brilliant been a fan since 1988 in a drummer seen you guys in 1992 at the Hereford leisure centre and it was on mikes birthday. I hope you make a new album thanks from pete

  2. This was a nice surprise! Didn’t think any of the shows had been filmed. Received it today so looking forward to watching it over the weekend. Thanks Mark!

  3. Hi, Just watched the DVD, fabulous!!!…
    Probably already been asked but…
    Is there any plans to release this on Audio CD as well??? I am surely not alone in that I don’t have time to relax and watch the DVD as often as I would like, most of my music listening is done in the car whilst travelling to and from work.

  4. I was wondering if you are going to make a United States tour? I have always listened to your music since the 1990’s and consider your band as fantastic. Would pay good money to see you guys perform in Cleveland, Ohio.

  5. Arrived today!

    I think this was a very bold set list, and a real treat for fans. As my good Levelhead friend Keith said to me at the Paradiso gig … we’re very lucky, you know…

    Damn right we’re lucky – following a band since I was 14 years old, who still amaze me at gigs 35 years later!

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Eternity DVD.
    Really enjoyed it.
    Went to see you boys at the Manchester Opera House on the tour. It was FAB.
    Having seen the “42” 10 times over the years, I am happy that the tours continue. Wouldn’t mind some new songs though! The “Summer House” is waiting. ……..

  7. Received long eagerly awaited DVD today and sadly had Love Games missing from the set list which was also performed at Southend Pavilion when I saw them back in October. Crying shame but appreciate they can only capture what is recorded on the night. Guess you could also look at it in that we were lucky to have this in the set the night I saw them. Haven’t watched it yet but know it’s going to be shear bliss.

  8. First saw the band in December 1986. Saw this latest tour at Manchester and York, really enjoyed it, suprised how good the guys still are live, real treat to hear Heathrow, never been keen on the singles, am a true Level 42 fan, you all know what I mean. I hope you guys do a few more tours around the UK, would love to hear Wings Of Love (better bass line than Billy Jean), Pursuit Of Accidents, Almost There, 88 etc. One of the best bands of all time!!!

  9. Hey Mark and Level 42 band members,

    How about releasing a DVD featuring live performances of songs very seldom or never before included in a DVD release such as :

    1. Coup D’Etat (World Machine LP UK version)
    2. Two Solitudes (Running In The Family LP)
    3. Freedom Someday (Running In The Family CD bonus track)
    4. I Sleep On My Heart (World Machine LP UK version)
    5. It’s Not The Same For US (World Machine LP)
    6. Tracie (Staring At The Sun LP)
    7. Physical Presence (World Machine LP)


  10. Would love it if you could put this dvd into cd format, I was at the concert but don’t have a cd player to catch up on what was an amazing evening and probably the best level 42 concert ive seen yet,would love the cd version to listen to in the car to bring back great memories 👍

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