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Level 42’s 40th Anniversary tour ‘From Eternity To Here’

Tickets are ON SALE NOW for Level 42’s 40th Anniversary tour ‘From Eternity To Here’, supported by Hipsway.


  1. I sure wish y’all were going to tour in America in 2020. Unfortunately I haven’t been out of the states and it’s rather unlikely I’ll be able to but I just wanted to say “Something About You” has helped me through a very very rough time in my life presently so thank y’all so very much from afar…many hugs and kisses to you

  2. I’m a Sri Lankan born bassist/singer. Mark Kong was one of my greatest bass players. Now I’m a paraplegic due to complications from polio. I would love to see him live and meet him just to say hi😍. I now reside in Los Angeles, Ca. DUNE TUNE and LOVE GAMES are a few of his songs I performed with my ban! Cheers brother!

  3. Yes, it would be great if you came to America! My husband, who is also a bass player & I previously drove about 13 hours from southern Illinois to see you in Pennsylvania! Would love to get to see you all again!!!

  4. Ciao from roberto _Italy
    I have seen your concert in Parma and in Bologna, always the first running under the stage
    More than 30 years ago
    Still crazy for your music
    Hope to come to DenMark in november !!!

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