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Level 42 Australia / New Zealand tour announcement

Mark King and Level 42 are finally coming down-under in May of this year for 4 shows. Shows on sale February 17


  1. All well and good announcing an Australian tour – yeah right cos 3 dates will cover Australia. 3 Dates in Australia is a mini break in London, which works well 🙂
    So how to buy tickets ? please tell me cos I’ve looked and searched – no joy anywhere unless I want to go to Melbourne – I live in Central Queensland – 1.5Hrs flight from Brisbane – 2.25 hrs flight from Sydney.
    Let me know I’m curious as to who organised this clusterf*ck of a tour as it is, management should have spoken to a grown up.

  2. Fantastic news that your coming to NZ, moved here in 2000 from the UK and don’t get to see many of the bands that figured so strongly in my youth. Sent an email to the fan club about 6 months ago asking when are you guys coming to NZ and only found out because i was visiting Auckland from CHCH and saw a promotional advert that said you were coming. I think you need to advertise your upcoming tour in the south island as i hadn’t heard about it so maybe others haven’t either. Not everybody looks at the blogs on fan sites.
    Anyway booked my tickets ,flights and accommodation, can’t wait for May.

  3. Wow, coming to NZ!!! I’m NZ’s biggest fan. Thank you so much guys! Flew to the UK from NZ to see you at the O2 in 2009. You had a pic with my sister but not me… … Maybe this time! Happy to give you a personal tour of our amazing country. I’ll introduce you to everyone who lives here. Won’t take long! They will love you all.
    Please… is there any chance of meeting you guys when you’re here. Morgan… baby… please…

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