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Mike Lindup – Story of 80s Hit Something About You | Professor of Rock

Here is an in-depth look at the 80s classic song “Something About You’ by Level 42 co-songwriter and band member Mike Lindup.


  1. Something about you………best song ever…mine and my new partners song….I’m really poorly and my future is uncertain so may not be able to make the 2021 tour dates due to limited life span. Top of my bucket list to see “” something about you “” played live….. left an abusive marriage two years ago and met my new partner/ carer. The man of my dreams and omg…something about you…says it all. Thank you for seeing me through so many dark days and making me some happy memories with my new partner

  2. Just watched the making and history of this song and it never disappoints…sometimes you have a mental image and thought of what you want the song to be about as it’s one that fits your feelings……the words in the interview say it all and I celebrate and enjoy the song “”” SOMETHING ABOUT YOU “”even more now if possible….its the story of me and my new partner…he has never loved before and I left a 27 year marriage…”” if not so in love isnt so wrong….its only human after all” …. people ask him why a relationship after 42 years….people ask me..what do you have in common as I was a child bride and have 6 grown up sons ….well “” something about you so right”” that’s what is felt on both our behaves….I’m really poorly and the future is bleak but I take each day at a time….listen to “” Something about you “” and think of what and who I have the reason to fight on for…fight on I will as my bucket list has “” See Level 42 live “” and due to the postponement I’ve got to fight on for 12 more months and fight I will…my ultimate dream is to meet them but that’s a dream….one can dream as it gets you through your darkest days. Thank you for such a great interview………

  3. This was a great interview and having Mike take us into the studio. I love it. Talking about the harmonies. Just so in depth. Thank you

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