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Level 42 – Something About You (The Tube, 18.10.1985)

Level 42 performing live on the cult British TV show The Tube in 1985. Taken from their album World Machine, ‘Something About You’ reached the top 10 in both the UK and the US and catapulted the band to the international stage.

Footage licensed from ITV Archive. All rights reserved.

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  1. This song has brought so much happiness to my life.
    After being a victim of medical negligence in 2002 and escaping a marriage after years of cruelty I found my soulmate and partner in 2019.
    Im disabled and extremely poorly (due to the negligence) but my partner worked hard to get me to Cardiff in 2021 and I fulfilled the one wish I’ve ever wanted in my life time since listening to Level 42 on the party barges in the 80’s..(i was only 8 and my mind was made up that the greatest band of all time is Level 42) at Gas Street Basin with my big bro.. After losing both my parents and the two family dogs in 2021 music was my only escape from the utter heartbreak and sadness..
    If my health holds out I’m going to see Level 42 in my home town in November… Never did I think that I would see them so close to home.. Front row tickets… Hoping above hope that I will still be here to make it.. Never wanted much in life but omg I feel the luckiest person alive to have experienced being I the same hall with pure legends and hearing the most beautiful music, vocals, the band and the breathtaking sound from Mark King on the bass.. How that man plays so fantastically…. Pure genius

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