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Level 42 live | Leverkusener Jazztage 2022 | Rockpalast

1. To Be With You Again
2. Running In The Family
3. Mr. Pink
4. The Sun Goes Down
5. Children Say
6. A Floating Life
7. Leaving Me Now
8. Love Games
9. World Machine
10. Starchild
11. Something About You
12. Heaven In My Hands
13. Lessons In Love
14. The Sunbed Song
15. Hot Water


  1. mind blown. how do they sound this good. flawless. the horn registers. playing note for note across 6 instruments. oh btw the horn section is also the backup vocals section. wtff. mind blown (did I mention that?).

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us here in America. We would love to see you tour here in the states. Great sound and selection of songs. As soon as To Be With You Again kicked off i was in awe. Not to mention that is my fav song of yours all time.

  3. Grazie infinite per la vostra sempre splendida musica! Dal vivo una meraviglia ascoltarvi e personalmente non mi stancate mai. Un solo rimpianto: dal 2006 a oggi un solo album e un ep. Quanto sarebbe bello anche solo di tanto in tanto un album di nuove canzoni e poi con la nuova, sezione fiati. Comunque comprendo che ci saranno sicuramente validi motivi. Ancora e sempre un GRAZIE INFINITO! Da Imola Italia Gian Luca

  4. Absolutely amazing as always. Still, without a doubt, the best band from “back in the day”!

    Touring again in October 2023 in UK.
    Sadly, I won’t get to see them after so many years of going to see them every 2 years in Glasgow (occasionally elsewhere).

    I’d sell a kidney for a ticket! 🤣

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