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Level 42: The Later Years 1991-1998, 7CD Box Set


Released November 24, 2023.

• Featuring all of the Level 42 albums from 1991 – 1994 in all their original glory.

• Discs 3 -7 contain all the B-Sides, 7” mixes, remixes and rare versions from those eras.


  1. Is this box set remastered? It does not say on the Cherry Red site. I do not have the other Polydor Years boxes either, so I do not know if those are remastered also.

  2. Hi Gary…

    As I already own both of ‘The Complete Polydor Years’ box sets, I can confirm for you that they are indeed fully remastered. So I’ve no doubt whatsoever that this latest one will also be remastered, too.


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