This year, UK 80’s funk-rock icons Level 42 celebrate their 40th year as a band and surprisingly have never toured Australia … until now that is! This superb Mark King-led seven piece band will finally tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever this May! Level 42 left their mark on the 80’s with a polished, upbeat, danceable pop/rock sound largely defined by lead singer / bassist Mark King’s thumb-slap bass technique. Catchy hits such as ‘Lessons In Love’, ‘Running In The Family’ and ‘Something About You’ crossed the band from their jazz-funk fusion roots firmly into the mainstream pop charts and gave them a fanbase worldwide. Ahead of the tour Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips spoke to Mark King about his career, gear and the upcoming Australian and NZ tour

An in-depth interview with Wally Badarou (2h)

Very detailed insights into the life of Wally Badarou… During a 2 hour in-store conversation, the legendary (pop) musician unfolds his approach to making sounds and music and comments on his magnum opus as well as his musical life in general. Host is Margie.

Arp Frique invited the living pop music legend for the occasion of his Festival Magia, where Badarou performs live (Rotterdam, 01-09-2018).

Godfather of pop, synthesizer specialist, Wally Badarou was the long-time associate of the British band Level 42, known for its blend of funk, pop, soul, and rock. He was a member of Island records’ Compass Point All Stars and worked with M, Robert Palmer, Tom Tom Club, Grace Jones, Talking Heads.