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Dear Friends, the fantastic news is that the total raised by your bidding for the Friends of Beaulieu House charity is…

£8,617.55 $13,7665.05,   €9,659.64)

and your very generous donations directly have taken the amount to over £11,000.

…So I thank you most sincerely on behalf of all the kids, families, and staff at Beaulieu House. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!


love to all, Mark xxx


Happy New Year……….

Wahey mates! Belated New Years Greetings to one and all. I hope it is a corker for everyone.

We’ve had a few emails about the 30th Anniversary US Tour T-Shirts, and would there be any more available, so we’ve given the artwork ( thank you Susan Weller!) to and they will make an official re-issue t-shirt for you. We have also uploaded some ‘classic’ early official Level 42 tour t-shirt designs and will be adding to these if they seem popular.

Once again thanks to for the merch!

Live dates coming in for 2011…… I’ll post them as soon as they are confirmed.

Love to all, Mx

…….and rest!

Thanks to the good people of Schweinfurt, or ‘furts, for coming to our final show of the tour. It felt very strange thinking ‘..this is the last time we’ll play this set’ at the end of the songs….sniff!

Our crew have been amazing all year, so huge thanks to Super Kev, Clemo, Jowie, Fester, Sweags, Yens-the-lens, Pritch, Toby(withuagain), Brian, Brian(the band with 2 brains?)DaveDay, Derek, Bernie, Han, Dan-the-man, Dan-the-chili, Royston, Trigger, Lisa, Jayne, Finchy, Dave&Leila, Neil, Sam, Sapna, Kim, Mike@DMC……. I can’t see the keyboard for the tears! Most of all though, big love to Mike, Nath, Sean, and Pete – beautiful dudes to hang with, and an honour to play with.

...And relax!..........Cheers Marc G …And relax!……….Cheers Marc G explains a lot! …it explains a lot!